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Brian Gosur - Advice and Strategies That Will Take You To The Next Level

Experience is The Teacher

The story goes, of a very successful bank president who was retiring, and he was passing the baton down to his young predecessor. The young man asked him, how did he become so successful? The bank president responded, “good decisions”. The young man asked, “How does one make good decisions?” The bank president said, “experience.” The young man then asked, “How does one gain experience?” The bank president smiled at him and said, “bad decisions.”

Everyday we are making decisions, and those decisions are based on our experiences. If we are new to a job, we might make some bad decisions, because we don’t have very much experience yet, but it will come. When it comes, we have to be categorizing our experiences, good, bad, or indifferent, so that we will learn, as experience is the teacher in business and in life.

Some people are not very good at learning from experience, and they will repeat the lessons over and over again, until they get it. I’ve been down that road before a couple of times. We call that the school of hard knocks. I posted about graduating from that school, in my last article.

What I’d like to talk about now, is how experience can either shape us and mold us into the leaders we want to be, or it can carve us out to be selfish, and uncaring individuals that never learn the skill and art of giving back.

A true leader goes down those lonely roads of hard work, long hours, and yes, those early days are selfish in a sort of way, because you are emptying ever ounce of energy you have, into the experience and growth of who you are, and the place that you will finally take in your industry, so you can be successful.

As your experience grows and your training is complete, you will find success, but here is where the defining line comes into play. Will you use all your training that your teacher, experience, has given you, and give back to those who are just starting out on the same path that you were on, or to those whom have gotten off the track and need a little help to get back on, or will you just reap and keep all the benefits all for yourself, standing on your mountaintop all alone?

I have been in the network marketing industry long enough to see who are the true leaders, and who are the selfish, I want to stand on the mountaintop all by myself type.

Weather you like it or not, experience will mold you one way or the other, and you won’t be able to fool anyone as to which one you are. Only you can decide who you want to be.

There have been more millionaires made in the network marketing industry than any other industry in the world, and that’s because real leaders have stepped forward to help others that wish to follow them down the path of success.

Our country and our world needs real leaders today. Experience is the teacher that produces those leaders, that reach back their hand to help someone on the path of experience and success.

Which one are you?


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